Calling all Failers!!!

Welcome to the new, ever-expanding, always-in-progress Failblog blog!

We need your help, failpeeps. We’d like to know your favo(u)rite fails, your most beloved pun-runs, the most memorable moments and the most HIGH-larious threads. We’re building our pages and our FAQ and would not want to miss any definitive Failblog moments. So please…feel free to tells us what you’d like us to include!


13 responses to “Calling all Failers!!!

  1. Blog Ninja (Blog Monster)

    Hello? Anybody here? So how is this going to work, anyway?

  2. I think Brewski getting knocked up by LCB was the craziest thing I can think of. We also refer to some of the fail escape plans regularly – dial 3333 and run and run faster.

  3. I think it would be neat to be able to post pictures here. I submit fail pics to FailBlog but they seem to just disapear. I think we should have a non-compete rule though saying that we will only post fail-pics here if we submit them to FailBlog as well.

  4. OK so it seems that if you use the LOLbuilder and grab the URL at the end we cold share our submissions with each other as well as vote for each others pics. Maybe we could have a special page for that?

    *puppy-dog eyes*

  5. …and maybe set the time-stamper on this blog to match Fail-time.

  6. Who started this? Fluffy? “Group of regulars”? Aiki also has a site which has some good stuff, such as the map.
    I wrote a faq, which I hope to fine-tune… it needs some formatting and editing, but is mostly ready. It could go here, or on the failblog site, if they’ll have it. Or both.

  7. I apologise for the soup.

  8. But of course we need the Audi Billboard Win on the epic page.

  9. *thinks back to a previous fail*
    *Wants to troll, just once*

  10. I miss burn of the week

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