Troll Wars

Don’t know about you, but I find troll-bashing very very tiresome. Yes.. I know they keep coming back, and I know they keep posting the same annoying comments, but I think we should refrain from answering them, especially since our answers to them have become so repetitive. Once upon a time it was the tazers (thank God that ended!), now we have the shellacked halibut, the contradiction posts (“FIRST!” answered by “Not!”, etc.), and the just plain calling of names and trying to prove they’re idiots.

They’re seeking attention, which they’re getting, and I think we can make an effort to stop giving them that attention. I love the way the ICHC people deal with trolls: They don’t. They ignore them, post a reminder that there is cake in the break room and move on. I wish we could do the same on Failblog.


5 responses to “Troll Wars

  1. Captain Obvious; Ready to leave the troll in him behind and start a new era

    I will not say first. What I will say, is that there is cake in the break room, and it is chocolate. Everyone is invited. There is also a guy handing out free squeezes. That would be me.
    *squeezes first person to come in*

  2. That’s me!
    Great cake, cap’n!

  3. I L-O-V-E cake.
    Let’s go!

  4. I like our ‘sign, sign, pass’ comment. That way we don’t infringe on ICHC’s cake.

  5. yeah, these trolls are out of control. i almost cried the other days because of one of this trolls things… *sniff*

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