Epic Fails


22 responses to “Epic Fails

  1. *satisfied sigh*
    Is this not the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen?

  2. I love that he was hanging curtains nekkid. Glad he is not my neighbor.

  3. BadgerWhisperer

    So thats why there was no service last sunday…
    Go figure

  4. Heh — I didn’t realize that so much of the lingo came from actual fails. I’m pleasantly surprised!

  5. MOST of the lingo comes from the past fails!!

  6. everyone should look up the epic fails before partaking in the fail-blog, it answers so many questions about the lingo of the regulars…

  7. Thank you Admiral, for pointing the way here in the baseball ‘Faking fail’. Wonderful. ☺

  8. *smiles*

    It is so nice to see my vocabulary all in one place! Good job guys!

  9. That’s a Zorb WIN.

  10. I love the Verizon math fail!

    “It’s a difference of opinion” “No it’s not!”

    how dumb can a company be? the guy was right all along, the conversion was never made to dollars from cents… though i’m sure this topic has been discussed in detail on the homepage right?

  11. What?! No E.T. Finger??!

  12. Etymological Disaster

    Just read a post by Coyote about this page! I’m diggin’ it! Cheers, my Failpeeps!

  13. Okay, where’s the free beer? I’ve got my 500 yen.

  14. hmm, what about those old regular truck meets underpass fails?

  15. I agree, the Poice fail and also the Hardworking fail just because I’m rude. 😀

  16. As a relatively recent frequenter of FB, and even more recent commenter, I must thank the accumulated brilliance of my seniors assembled here for the most sustained fit of laughing I’ve suffered in some time.

  17. Y'all In The Family / DeepInTheHeartofFailBlog! ♀ / Inventor of the Hot Potato Gun™ for trolls

    Yes, the vicar is why I desperately keep hoping that the Hot Potato Gun™ becomes a part of the arsenal that includes the shellacked mackerel/halibut and the pink sparkly bat for dealing with trolls.

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