Failblog Dicitionary

^5 – Shorthand for ‘high five’, “a celebratory hand gesture that occurs when two people simultaneously raise one hand, about head high, and push, slide or slap the flat of their palm and hand against the palm and flat hand of their partner. The originator of the high five is a subject of controversy. In the United States, there is an initiative to celebrate the third Thursday of April as National High Five Day” (wikipedia)–only virtual.

accidenty – Does not take an action verb. Ex: “She accidenty the cuddle puddle! What should she do?”

admins – Ben and Emily Huh…otherwise known as The Powers that Be, Cheez and Tofu and probably several other names/nicknames. They are awesome and take good care of us.

avatars – Those little pictures beside your name in the comment box.

bukkit – The metaphorical way to admit or point out an error of grammar or fact. If you call for the bukkit, you are admitting a mistake; if you give someone the bukkit, you are pointing out a mistake. The offender then plunges his or her head into the bukkit, which is suddenly filled with that person’s most loathed and hated flavor.

cheezpeep – Our next door neighbors from ICHC. Recently several cheezpeeps have become Failblog Regulars, much to the delight of both groups.

clickie – When a link appears in either a post or a poster’s name, that is called a clickie (because you are supposed to click on it). So when you see “Clickie!” in someone’s post, they are asking you to click on their link. But be careful–only click on links from people you know and trust (and even then you sometimes need to beware!).

cuddle puddle – On Fridays (and sometimes on other days when someone begins and emergency cuddle puddle), the failpeeps will all get together to relax, be silly, have a few drinks and hang out on a specific thread. This thread has been dubbed the cuddle puddle. It’s a place where friends can be affectionate without fear, can say “I need a hug!” for comfort, or can just be silly and flirty.

facepalm – The act of slapping your hand to your forehead and dragging it (your hand, not your forehead) down your face. This is usually a response to a particularly thick, idiotic, or clueless post.

failmate – your primary “flirt friend” on the blog. Over the past years, there have been several “couples” who have shown a strong preference for each other’s company. They are “failmates”.

failpeep – Well…you! And me! And just about everyone else who posts on or reads Fail Blog (trolls excepted, of course). Those who may not be regulars but still participate in the comments are also failpeeps.

*FOOM!* – A defensive measure used by a certain Dragon and usually aimed only at the worst offenders and trolls on the blog. If you have been *FOOOOOM!*-ed, you have truly been offensive. More minor uses of the *FOOM!* can be used for lighting the barbecue, birthday candles, and occasionally to accidenty a friend’s hair.

glower – A less concentrated form of defense than the *FOOM!*, but just as deadly. Little Birds have been known to have this talent.

gravatar – The website where you can customize your avatar for Fail Blog and other websites.

grilled cheese sandwich – Erm…this linkie will tell you all you need to know about that! 😳

Haxored – Consecutive, uninterrupted smiley comments. Starting with happy, going down to cry and then a quick tickle to make a LOL.
😀 , 🙂 , 😐 , 😦 , 😥 , *tickletickle* , 😆

headdesk – The act of banging your head down on whatever hard surface you’re sitting at. Much like a *facepalm*, only more so.

Humo(u)r 101 – A metaphor created by Dragon to indicate that a poster is particularly humo(u)r impaired. Responding to a post with something like, “You need to enroll in Humo(u)r 101” indicates that the poster did not understand the humo(u)r of either the fail or the comment it was responding to.

“in Soviet Russia…” – This is a phrase that has been with Failblog since it’s inception. An old internet meme, it reverses the subject that has agency from passive to active. For example, if someone posts, “I just ate a doughnut”, someone else might respond, “In Soviet Russia, doughnut eats YOU!” It is a very simplistic form of humo(u)r that is not often employed by the regulars, except in cases of extreme hilariousness or appropriateness.

nesting – the way the threads are structured. When a poster hits the “reply” button to a comment, his or her new comment is “nested” in the previous one. A “nesting fail”, therefore, is a comment that is put in the wrong place or as a reply to the wrong comment.

poice – The Fail way of spelling “police”.

pun-run – A string of comments that pun on a specific, central theme. All pun-runs are thematically governed, and a poster who adds a comment that doesn’t pun on that theme is said to “break” the pun-run.

regulars – The core group of people who have been posting on failblog over a long period of time. Many people have become regulars who once weren’t, and many regulars have left the blog never to be seen again. The group is fluid and changing and very welcoming of new people who display intelligence, humo(u)r, and respect.

rhyme-run – a string of comments that all post a word or phrase that rhymes with the previous one. Unlike pun-runs, rhyme-runs have no central theme.

Safety Third – See the Epic Fails page. This is a phrase now in common use in Failblog phraseology. It sort of means, “Be careful!” or “Watch your step!” as well as just being a silly thing to say.

sign, sign, pass – The failpeep way of signalling that a troll should be ignored. Lately, we have also been going to the break room for cake, since the cheezpeeps introduced this method of ignoring trolls to Failblog, but when you see “sign, sign, pass” in response to a trollish remark, just keep on going and don’t respond to it.

*snork* – A way to indicate that a post or a fail made you laugh.

thread – When a poster creates a new comment in the comment box at the bottom of the page, s/he creates a new “thread”. Others can add to the thread by clicking the “reply” button on someone’s post. Most fails have many active threads going at the same time.

tounch – What you do when you make a tounch-down of course! Clickie here for the original fail.

troll (also see Troll Identification page) – From the Urban Dictionary: “One who posts a deliberately provocative message to a newsgroup or message board [or blog] with the intention of causing maximum disruption and argument.”


28 responses to “Failblog Dicitionary

  1. Don’t forget *snork* and *FOOOOM!!* and *GLOWER*!

  2. “Dicitinary”? Since when does Failblog do LOLspeak? ?

  3. *Flees* / *scarpers* / *hides*

    =what I do a lot of

  4. cuddle puddle, a large group of peeps just relaxing and cuddling. Good for morale.

  5. What about Safety Third?

  6. and what’s a clickie?

  7. and what is it all about soviet russia?

  8. We need a Haxored definition!

  9. Haxored definition? We’ve had people try correct us on the website before 😦

    • Um, have I got it right? Is this where the emoticons progress slowly from scowl to grin (or vickyversy) – only I’m not sure if the comments are supposed to progress with them?

  10. Sven (the bear)

    No moran?

  11. I just read the explanation of “facepalm” and now I have to clean off the laptop screen!
    It’s good to be specific!

  12. I think you accidenty the shoop da woop.

  13. We should really get the definition for “^5” up there because I’ve been seeing it around the blog and I have absolutely no idea what it means. 😕

  14. What about squeezing?

  15. Do we need to add our pseudo sarcastic font indicator “~” to the list?

    *feeling left out* 😀

  16. Is there any chance we could have “Grilled Cheese Sandwich” added to this list. I’m not sure how to do so delicately, but… it might help with some of the confusion.

  17. The part of me that married a librarian turned technical writer would like to see references to the original fail post when tonching memes that started that way.


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