Failblog Rules

1. Don’t be a troll. (See Troll Identification Page for more information.)
2. Don’t interrupt the pun-runs.
3. Safety!
4. Don’t get between the Dragon and the Admiral.
5. There is no 5.
6. NO CLICKIE on suspicious links.
7. If you make a mess, use the ShamWow to clean it up.
8. Always remember to refresh before posting.
9. Don’t forget to add innuendo.
10. Email Emily to ban hate-trolls.
11. Pants are optional.
12. Use the reply button.
13. Don’t respond to posts that are under moderation. It causes the universe to implode.
14. Don’t reply to trolls.
15. Failpeeps are friends…NOT FOOD!


7 responses to “Failblog Rules

  1. If one is not up to profit level is amateurfit okay?

  2. ¡GreatScott! Chief Engineer

    How about Failfriends are not food?

  3. Jon, Yes; it's me.

    How about :Vote!

    *proudly displays “I voted” sticker

  4. Etymological Disaster

    I was starting to get worried until I saw rule #11.

  5. You might as well strike rule 14, no-one is ever going to listen.

  6. Minty Green Guy

    See the Bx3! Rule # 15! You! Can’t! Eat! Me!

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