Failpeeps FAQ

The new Failpeeps FAQ is up! Check it out and let us know if you have other questions you’d like to see answered. As always, your input is valuable and necessary to make sure we’ve covered our bases. Remember–this is just a draft and we’ll be tinkering with it as we go, but we’d love to hear your ideas!


Troll Wars

Don’t know about you, but I find troll-bashing very very tiresome. Yes.. I know they keep coming back, and I know they keep posting the same annoying comments, but I think we should refrain from answering them, especially since our answers to them have become so repetitive. Once upon a time it was the tazers (thank God that ended!), now we have the shellacked halibut, the contradiction posts (“FIRST!” answered by “Not!”, etc.), and the just plain calling of names and trying to prove they’re idiots.

They’re seeking attention, which they’re getting, and I think we can make an effort to stop giving them that attention. I love the way the ICHC people deal with trolls: They don’t. They ignore them, post a reminder that there is cake in the break room and move on. I wish we could do the same on Failblog.

Calling all Failers!!!

Welcome to the new, ever-expanding, always-in-progress Failblog blog!

We need your help, failpeeps. We’d like to know your favo(u)rite fails, your most beloved pun-runs, the most memorable moments and the most HIGH-larious threads. We’re building our pages and our FAQ and would not want to miss any definitive Failblog moments. So please…feel free to tells us what you’d like us to include!

Main fail photo

Squeezes welcome here.

Oo, lookie! The Failers of made a blog of their own! Watch this space for new things…which will appear as soon as we build them.